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    1. Ability 어학원 - IELTS English Only Emu : )

      English Only Emu was in the IELTS's class. Emu loves IELTS, do you like you English class?      
      Date2016.02.11 Category호주 Byjamie Views81 file
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    2. Happy Australia Day!

      Happy Australia Day. We hope you’ll enjoy the parades, festivities and fireworks organised in your local area. See you all at school tomorrow.      
      Date2016.01.26 Category호주 Byjamie Views25 file
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    3. Langports 어학원 - New student

      Welcoming all our new starters from Brisbane, Surfers Paradise and Sydney today. We hope you all have a wonderful first week with us!    
      Date2016.01.26 Category호주 Byjamie Views53 file
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    4. 멜번 퓨전 어학원 액티비티 캘린더

          2016년 1월 퓨전 어학원 액티비티 캘린더 입니다 ^^  정규 수업이 끝나고 어학원에서는 무료 액티비티를 제공하는데요~   어학연수 초창기에 많이들 참석하셔서  다양한 외국 친구들과 친해질 수 있는 기회가 되길 바랍니다!        
      Date2016.01.20 Category호주 By소피 Views63 file
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    5. APC어학원 - Bronte Beach BBQ

      Bronte Beach BBQ Join our Social Activities Coordinator, Geoff, and other APC students this Friday after option classes for an Aussie beach BBQ at Bronte Beach. Enjoy kangaroo & beef sausages or vegetarian options. Meet outside APC York ...
      Date2016.01.20 Category호주 Byroykim Views89 file
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    6. Browns어학원 - Browns Further study fair!

      Congratulations Alexandre! Winner of the 2 day/2 night weekend surf camp ' at the BROWNS Further Study Fair. ‪      
      Date2016.01.20 Category호주 Byroykim Views76 file
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    7. CIA어학원 - Graduation Test

      Graduation Test!        
      Date2016.01.14 Category필리핀 Byjamie Views99 file
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