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    1. MEA 독서 클럽

        Do you remember the last book you read?! Most people don't!  Come join our extra class today at 1:45pm - Books & Newspaper debates. Stay updated with what is going on in the world and practice English at the same time!   
      Date2017.08.04 Category호주 By애쉴리 Views6 file
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    2. MMBS 학생들을 위한 줌바 클라스

      유흥 시설이 없는 안전한 교육 도시 딸락에 위치한 MMBS 학원의 유명 액티비티 중 하나인 줌바 클라스 현장 사진입니다. ^^     Don't know a move?  Just shake it 'til you make it!  MMBS Zumba!       ​
      Date2017.08.01 Category필리핀 By애쉴리 Views13 file
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    3. 호주어학원 임팩트 무료 액티비티 캘린더

      안녕하세요 ^^ 레드유학 소피입니다.    오늘은 호주 어학원 임팩트, 멜버른 / 브리즈번 캠퍼스의  무료 액티비티 스케줄을 공유할게요 ^^            8월 한 달간 정규 수업 마치고 들을 수 있는  액티비티입니다.    많은 참여 부탁드려요 ^^               ...
      Date2017.08.01 Category호주 By소피 Views6 file
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    4. 매주 수요일! 무비 클럽 @MEA

          News news!  Now every Wednesday at 1:15pm you can relax after class and practice your English with the Movie Club! Join your friends and watch a Movie or TV Series in Room 1. Don't forget to bring your popcorn!   멜번 MEA 어학원에서 매...
      Date2017.07.20 Category호주 By애쉴리 Views12 file
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    5. 랭포츠 어학원 Dreamworld 소풍

      What an amazing day our Gold Coast students had at Dreamworld! We are sure that these photos will make you want to participate in the next visit to this theme park! Ensure your place by talking to Shane                 
      Date2017.07.14 Category호주 By애쉴리 Views6 file
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    6. 멜번 Winter Night Market 관광

        Our students had a great night last week at the Winter Night Market! Street food from different cuisines around the world and a great atmosphere!
      Date2017.06.16 Category호주 By애쉴리 Views4 file
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    7. FREE PIZZA PARTY @Elsis

        End of term celebration After 12 weeks of class and the intense testing week, it's time to celebrate! Let's join together on Friday for a FREE PIZZA feast!   ELSIS 멜번 재학생들은 어서어서 학교에 참석 신청하고 무료 피자 많이 먹고 오세요~~~!
      Date2017.06.16 Category호주 By애쉴리 Views4 file
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