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    Coles is slammed on social media for flying the wrong flag to celebrate Australia Day... but can YOU spot the mistake? 

    • The Southern Cross constellation was printed back-to-front
    • Social media users slammed the national supermarket chain for allowing it 
    • The National Flag Association suspected the flags were made overseas 
    • The flags were replaced in store, with the correct one flying on Saturday
    • Woolworths had to recall hats from sale in a similar incident last week 

    A national supermarket chain's effort to celebrate Australia Day has been laughed at by local customers in Brisbane after the supplier botched the Southern Cross.

    The Coles supermarket draped large Australian flags across their store in Toowong, south-west of Brisbane CBD.

    But the Southern Cross is back-to-front in an embarrassing fail just days before Australia Day, and staff did not appear to realise until a customer raised the alarm.




    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3413374/Coles-supermarket-flys-WRONG-flag-Australia-Day.html#ixzz3yEdxKPsh
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    호주 최대 규모 마트 체인점 중 하나인 Coles 일부 매장에서 호주 국기를 반대로 달아 문제가 됐습니다.

    대부분의 시민들은 호주 국기가 잘못 달려있는지 알아보지 못했지만, 일부 시민들의 제보로 발견됐다고하네요.

    호주 국경일인 Australia Day를 앞두고 대대적인 마케팅을 하려던 Coles에서는 국기를 잘못달았다는 이유로 여론의 뭇매를 맞았다고합니다 ^^;

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